Options & Upgrades

For your event

Bose Speakers & Covert Subs

Great for upscale or event spaces that require elegant & powerful, sleek & slimline speakers & covert subs from BOSE.

$100 to $200 each

Co2 Cryo

Throughout the party when the energy gets hot we blast cold & colorful fog like Co2 onto the dance floor! (Great Nightclub Effect!)

$250 each

Confetti Cannons

It’s not a party without confetti!  When that special time hits… shower everyone in professional thick white confetti.  This is the same stuff you see on TV and Sporting Events. (Very easy cleanup!)

$200 each

Custom Stretch Walls

We can create various sizes and shapes. These are great for eye candy and we can light them or prioject on to them for a unique video style wall and a fraction of the price.

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Inflatable Decorations

Large colorfully lit decorations that create a unique nightclub feel!  We have tall towers 15 feet high & 9 feet high that glow with color!

$50 each

Interactive Games

Get ready to get everyone involved. We offer our new interactive controllers & fun prizes along with fun good old-fashioned games like Musical Chairs (with twists), Tug-of-War, Relay Races, and competitive fun Dance Offs.  Plus our Game Host/DJ will keep things going the whole time!



Sing your favorite songs or the ones you think you can!  Karaoke is available for any event and is perfect for getting guests involved.  With over 190,000 songs, your guests will have no problem finding their favorites!

$250 Add-On to $1500 Full Setup

Laser Shows & Haze

These Full Color Laser Shows with Haze provide that WOW Factor to complete any event.  Brilliant color graphics, areal beams, customized laser animation, logos and pictures, plus the ever so famous Liquid Sky.  (Great Nightclub Effect!)

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LED Backdrop Wall

Looking for another Wow factor?  Display colorful brightly lit patterns and shapes behind the DJ with our LED Backdrops.  Spanning over fourteen feet wide, and nine feet high this unique feature truly will be eye candy at your event!


Online Event Planning with Event Intelligence

Hung up on the details?  So are we!  🙂 That’s why we offer Online Event Planning.  Music lists, planning forms, and more so you and your guests can plan every important detail, and create a perfect event, online (no one has to know you did it in your pajamas).



The coolest thing to have at your event is a Photo Booth and we made it even cooler with our NEW Open Air PHOTO BOOTH! This unmanned interactive photo booth allows guests to take as many pictures as they like and it’s all digital with the latest filters, photo styles, and even animated snapshots! No prints here, which saves you money! You don’t even need your cell phones to post the pictures, that’s right! These pictures get sent on the spot to anyone’s Facebook, Twitter and even email them anywhere in the world or post on Instagram within seconds. We can customize the picture frames to add company logos, event names or brand messaging for advertising right on the photos. The Open Air photo Booth is just that OPEN AIR! At the end of the event, we can provide all the pictures in a .zip file as well!


Power Drop Services

Not enough power outlets?  No problem.  Location DJ supplies portable power drop services with direct distro 30amp and 50amp boxes.  We also have generator rentals large and small for packages when electric outlets are not readily available.

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Projection Screens & Projectors

Take it to the big screen.  Projection screen systems deliver seamless, eye-catching images sure to entertain all of your guests.  These rear-projection screens span seven feet by nine feet and higher and are brightly light with the latest technology hi-definition projectors.  They can be used for multiple things such as display presentations and videos, and they are also used in our live game shows.

$250 to $500 each

Stage Setups

Let us construct a stage setup perfect for any event space!  2’ High with 4’x4’ sections we can create Small to XLarge setups.   We have you covered with different stage sizes for the DJ, dancers & anything else!

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Let us construct a truss structure perfect for any dance space!  We can create these custom setups over dance floors in many shapes and sizes.

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TVs – Flat Screen LED TVs

Large ultra-thin LED widescreen (pole mounted or optional truss mounted) TVs. These LED HDTVs can be used just like our Projection Screens to display videos, company logos, product information, text messaging, and more.

$500 each

Up Lighting

Multi-color LED up lighting fixtures that transform any event space! Battery operated & wirelessly controlled! (highly recommended by our clients!)

$50 each

White Truss Covers

Add an elegant look to our totem style truss setup! (Lit inside with color LEDs!)

$25 each

Live Show Options

Comedy Hypnotist Show – (All Ages Show)

Audience members are transformed into celebrities, musicians, dancers, and household appliances (wait, what?) in Michael Swenson’s fast paced, side splitting, Comedy Hypnosis Show.  Perfect for any audience, this show always delivers good clean fun and an unforgettable experience.

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IMAGINE The Show – (Improvisational Comedy Show)

As an alternative to having a Hypnosis Show we use Imagination to tap into ones creativity, but no one is put in a sleep state or hypnotized.  Instead volunteers and audience members harness the power of fun and laughter through Improvisational and Imaginative skits and routines.

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The BONK Show – (Comedy Game Show)

A Comedy Show that just happens to be a Game Show!  Ready…Set…BONK!  This Comedy Game Show provides hysterical entertainment for participants and audience members alike.  Participants wear specially rigged helmets, and must really use their heads to answer trick questions when they BONK in to answer using their helmet.  The fun continues in Round 2, when contestants get to Back BONK each other as they compete for fabulous off the wall prizes.  Then Round 3, anything goes to the finish line.  At any time during the game audience members can be selected and pulled up to replace the low scorer, so always be on your toes!

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